50 Reasons Watertown Is Awesome

Folks, you may have noticed that things have been slightly quiet on the blog front lately. That’s because we’ve been working hard on a new project, 50 Reasons Watertown Is Awesome, to help celebrate the launch of OurCommonPlace Watertown! Head over to our Facebook page to check it out:


Show your Watertown pride by ‘liking’ and ‘sharing’ — and suggest your own reasons! We can’t wait to hear what you think.

–Chava, Community Organizer for OurCommonPlace Watertown

OurCommonPlace is a national civic organization that aims to revitalize the spirit of local community engagement in towns and cities across the country. We launched Watertown.OurCommonPlace.com – Watertown’s first community web platform – to create a ‘common place’ online that makes it delightfully easy for neighbors and local leaders to share community information, like needs, announcements, and events, with the people around them. Register now and start receiving a daily email written by your neighbors and leaders in town at Watertown.OurCommonPlace.com.

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